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CERNIT Polymer Clay - DOLL Realistic Colours and Textures 500g Packs
Article de la marque Cernit

CERNIT Polymer Clay - DOLL Realistic Colours and Textures 500g Packs

[ CE.DO-L ]

CERNIT Polymer Clay is medelling clay which is permanently hardenend by backing in a domestic oven.
CERNIT polymer clay after baking gives a porcelain-like finish

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Available configurations
Cernit Doll 500g Price unit Quantity
BLANC 010BLANC 010 13,40 €
BISCUIT 042BISCUIT 042 13,40 €
CHAIR 425CHAIR 425 13,40 €
AMANDE 744AMANDE 744 13,40 €
CARAMEL 807CARAMEL 807 13,40 €
NOUGAT 808NOUGAT 808 13,40 €
SUN TAN 855SUN TAN 855 13,40 €

The range DOLL Realistic Colours and Textures 500g Packs 500g Packs in 7 colours


Roll a piece of Cernit by hand and knead gently till it issupple
and shapeable.
Always work with clean hands on a clean surface.
All colours can be mixed with each other, lightened with white
opaque, blended with Glamour for pearly or nacre effect.

Structure & decoration:

Cernit can be easily worked on with different tools: knife, toothpick,
squeezing machine, scissors and all CERNIT-Accessories.
The clay can be shaped, moulded, embossed or combined with
other materials: glass, stones, beads, ...


Pre-heat electric oven at 110°C to 130°C / 230°F
to 266°F. The baking time is maximum 30 minutes.
Do not use a microwave oven.
After baking the realisation is so firm that it can be
drilled, filed or sanded.
Use acrylic paints, watercolours, decorative powders
od varnishes to enhance your realisation.
Let your creativity run wild!

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