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Gutta Silk Scarf Habotai-8 40x150 cm - DISTRAKSYON

[ STA22 ]

Gutta Silk Scarf, Habotai-8, 40x150 cm - DISTRAKSYON

  • Black Gutta
  • Hand-rolled
  • For Silk Painting


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It is strongly recommended to use a diluent mixture concentrate / deionized water for lightening your colors.

The colors are classic DUPONT

Jaune Primaire 717 / Mandarine 764 / Muira 409 / Violine 901 / Rouille 775 / Printemps 603 / Gris perle 164 / Noir 100 


IMPORTANT: If you wash your silk before painting, you will have to iron the gutta lines to give it back its watertightness.

  • To get a perfect blend of colours in the silk, make sure your silk is perfectly stretched on your frame.
  • Avoid painting too close to the gutta lines to make sure that the colours don’t bleed although verify that the paint has gone up to the gutta line.
  • Avoid painting directly on the hem to prevent drying marks.
  • Instead, paint up to the hem taking care that you put on enough paint to colour the hem.
  • Fix your colours according to their own caracteristics, respecting the manufacturer’s instructions

Friendly tips ......
Why does my work runs even when the colours are fixed?
The main reason of colour running is overloading of colour coats on the same area .
To remedy this, paint two identical shades one of which will stay unfixed and the other fixed.
This way, you can see the final result of your colours.

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