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Thickener bath for Pébéo Marbling  - Bottle of 45 ml
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Thickener bath for Pébéo Marbling - Bottle of 45 ml

[ MARBL-S192 ]

Thickener bath for Pébéo Marbling  - Bottle of 45 ml 

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QUALITY: thermo-fixable water colors (on textiles), fluids, lively and intense.The colors are ready to use and miscible with each other, thus making it possible to obtain a large number of shades. Their application requires the use of a thickener bath, thus enabling their diffusion.Simplified and modernized tank technologyDRYING: in a few minutes in the air.SUPPORTS: paper, most light fabrics, plaster ...OPACITE: transparent colors.FINISH: brilliant.FIXING FOR TEXTILES: 5 minutes on the back of the fabric, ironing position cotton without steam or 5 minutes at 150 ° C in the oven.CLEANING EQUIPMENT: with soapy water. NUMBER OF COLORS: 9 colors.CONDITIONING :- 45ml bottle with pipette cap - All colors.- 45 ml bottle - marbling bathFear frost