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904 ex-0576 Delphinius
Article de la marque H-Dupont

904 ex-0576 Delphinius

[ HDC-L904 ]

Steam-fix Silk Dyes H-Dupont Classic - 250 ml

For Silk Painting and Wool Painting

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  • To dye animal fibres such as silk, wool, ...
  • These colours are produced on basis of acid dyes
  • This allows to obtain very intense colours with excellent resistance over time, in light and in washing
  • The dye enters the fibre and remains there after fixation, the realisation has no right side nor reverse
  • Due to the high concentration the colours can be used pure or diluted for all silk painting techniques
  • Our range of colours offers 85 colours in different packagings
  • These colours can be used in painting and dyeing
  • The dye bath consists of water, 1 to 5% white vinegar and 0.5 to 15% of CLASSIQUE dyes depending on the colour intensity desired and the quantity of fabric to be coloured
  • Fixed by steaming or in the microwave
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