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Photos of the Demonstration Polymer Clay Cernit 15th October

Last update 14 Apr 2016by RABERIN Jean-philippe.

Charlotte Lemoine captivated public attention during the day of demo of polymer clay Cernit

Demo pâte polymère Cernit du 15/10/14Demo pâte polymère Cernit du 15/10/14

Charlotte Lemoine showed us all the advantages of polymer clay Cernit:

  • The colors are strong and don't fade
    We can make mix of black and white without shades of gray
    White will remain very white and gray will not.
  • Polymer Clay Cernit is very malleable: There is no need to knead very long before it is flexible.
  • It is temperature-sensitive: if it comes to harden a little, just to warm the hands to soften it.
  • The colors can be mixed and used to create other shades or make gradients.
  • The Polymer Clay Cernit does not smell even cooking
  • It has a nice appearance porcelain after cooking