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Aubijoux la Soie will be sold on the 1st August 2019

Dear customers

I have important information to share with you:

Aubijoux la Soie will be sold on August 1, 2019 to Georges and Julien Desmaré, the manufacturers of H-Dupont paints and products with The Clay and Paint Factory.

This sale will ensure the sustainability of Aubijoux la Soie over time, just as The Clay and Paint Factory ensured the sustainability of H-Dupont products in 2011

Aubijoux will be relocated to Belgium at the beginning of August, but nothing will change for Aubijoux la Soie's customers: the marketing of the entire catalogue will be done under the same conditions.

The trade name Aubijoux la Soie will remain, and you will always order from Aubijoux la Soie.

The only difference is that the packages will leave Belgium instead of France.

At the end of July, we will communicate the new contact details of Aubijoux la Soie.

Important: Until July 31, the steam fixing and hem working services will be provided and all orders will be delivered without change.

Then after an interruption of one to two weeks the orders will be delivered from Belgium and the steam fixing and hem working services will resume in early September.

The Manager, Jean-Philippe Rabérin

Created Wednesday 26 June 2019