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General conditions of Sale

Conditions of use

Article 1: Field of application

The present general conditions of sale apply to all the sales by the skew of this Internet site

Article 2: Orders

The systems of automatic recording are regarded as being worth proof, of nature, the contents and the date of the order.
Aubijoux confirms the acceptance of its order to the customer with the address email communicated by this one. The sale will be concluded only as from the confirmation from payment from the order. Aubijoux reserves the right to cancel any order of a customer with whom would exist a litigation relating to the payment of a former order.

The information stated by the purchaser, at the time of the order taking engages this one: in the event of error in the wording of the co-ordinates of the recipient, the salesman could not be held responsible for the impossibility in which it could be to deliver the product.

Article 3: Availability of the articles

To build our window and our catalogues of sale, we work with our own data bases, enriched according to the information communicated by our suppliers. The totality of the articles suggested with the sale is not stored in our reserves and our offer is then conditioned with the availability of the articles in our suppliers.
The possible out-of-stock conditions could not consequently be charged to us. Each customer is informed by mail or on the invoice of the products nonavailable.

The customer can follow his order and possibly ask for the incomplete forwarding of the latter via the Aubijoux site in the heading followed by the orders his clients' account.

In the event of out-of-stock condition we do not keep a remainder. The missing articles will have to be the object a new order and the costs carriage will be the responsibility of the customer.

Article 4: Price

The prices indicated get along for a payment with the order or against-refunding. For any other term of payment to consult us. The prices indicated in Euros are famous Nets all inclusive of tax, except costs carriage. Those expressed in currencies other than in Euros are given as an indication. They can constantly without notice, knowing that the articles will be invoicees on the basis in force with the recording of the order. All the orders are invoiced and payable in Euros only.
All the deliveries, in the DOM-TOM and except the EEC are invoiced Except Taxe, the possible custom charges or local taxes remain with the load of the recipient.
The price indicated on the cards produced does not include/understand transport.

Article 5: Shipping costs

The shipping costs include/understand a share in the expenses of preparation and packing, plus the costs of stamping. They are contractual, whatever the number of ordered articles and could not consequently be reduced because of unavailability of one article to the delivery. Only, the geographical area, the mode of forwarding and the weight determine the amount.
Think of gathering all your articles on only one order. We cannot gather two distinct orders and the carriage costs will be to you invoicees for each one of it.

Metropolitan France

Delivery in Relais "DPD RELAIS" 24h:
- Orders lower than 175 Euros. Including all taxes: 6.90 Euros
- Orders higher than 175 Euros : Free Shipping

Delivery by post
- Orders lower than 175 Euros. Including all taxes: 6.90 Euros
- Orders higher than 175 Euros : Free Shipping

Shipping Cost for Dom-Tom et Foreign Countries

Price-list by geographical areas: price list for a single maximum 30 kg parcel. Otherwise invoicing of the real amount of the shipping costs.

  • Orders from 0 to 50 euros : Z2=15 - Z3=17 - Z4=20 - Z5=24 - Z6=25 - Z7=28 - Z8=54 - Z9=61 - Z10=47 - Z11=61 - Z12=47
  • Orders from 51 to 200 euros: Z2=16 - Z3=18 - Z4=22 - Z5=29 - Z6=34 - Z7=37 - Z8=94 - Z9=115 - Z10=65 - Z11=115 - Z12=65
  • Orders from 201 à 400 euros: Z2=FREE - Z3=22 - Z4=28 - Z5=31 - Z6=44 - Z7=50 - Z8=133 - Z9=151 - Z10=99 - Z11=151 - Z12=99
  • Orders upper to 400 euros: Z2=FREE - Z3=28 - Z4=36 - Z5=40 - Z6=66 - Z7=73 - Z8=205 - Z9=266 - Z10=152 - Z11=266 - Z12=152

Zone 2 : Deutchland, Belgium, Netherland, Luxembourg, Italia, Spanish Free Shipping for orders > 200 €
Zone 3 : Great Britain
Zone 4 : Ostreich, Danemark, Irlande, Portugal
Zone 5 : Finland, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland(Swiss)
Zone 6: Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia
Zone 7: Other Countries of the Eastern Europe and Magreb

For areas 8-9-10-11-12:
Aubijoux la Soie will charge only the real cost of the shipping if this one is lower at fixed rate by areas

Zone 8: USA, Canada, Africa and the Middle East
Zone 9: Americas except the USA and Canada, Asia and Oceania
Zone 10 FRENCH OVERSEAS DEPARTMENT: Guadeloupe, Martinique, La Réunion, Guyana, and regions with a measure of autonomy (Mayotte, St-Pierre and Miquelon)
Zone 11 FRENCH OVERSEAS TERRITORY: New Caledonia and its dependences, French Polynesia, Wallis and Futune and the southern lands and French antartiques
Zone 12: postal areas French Armies abroad

Article 6: Payment

You have several means of payment offering a maximum of guarantees of safety.
You can regulate:

1 - By Credit card - Payment made safe by the Savings bank

2 - Par Paypal
With your Paypal account, if you have one of it.
Or, if you have not a Paypal account, wvith your CB on the Paypal Payment.
Or, if you have a Paypal account, by making a transfer on our Payapal account lasoie@aubijoux.com 

3- By transfer on our LCL account :

or on our Banque Populaire account:

4 - WESTERN UNION (in this case, to note that the recipient is Mr Jean-Philippe Rabérin, manager of the Aubijoux Company Silk

The order validated by the customer will be considered effective only when the centers of banking payment concerned give their agreement. In the event of refusal of the known as centers, the order will be automatically cancelled and the customer warned by email.

In addition, Aubijoux reserves the right to refuse any ordering of a customer with whom would exist a litigation.

Article 7: Delivery

That you order France or from abroad, we deliver to you in residence. The delivery period includes/understands the make-ready time of the parcel.
Caution: if you choose to regulate by cheque, the order will be treated only with reception of this one and the deadlines will run consequently.

Are regarded as case of absolute necessity discharging the salesman from his obligation to deliver, the war, the riot, the fire, the strikes, the accidents and impossibility of being supplied.

Goods always travelling to the risks and dangers of the recipient. Always check your parcel on arrival. You have a 48 hours deadline to make possible reserves near the conveyor in the event of lack or degradation.

No allowance can be required in the event of incident of transport if no insurance were required by the customer

Article 8:Transfer of property - Transfer of risks

The transfer of property of the products to the profit of the purchaser, will be carried out only after complete payment of the price by this last, and this whatever the produced of the aforesaid delivery date.

The transfer of the risks of loss and deterioration of the products will be carried out as of the forwarding of the product by the supplier.

Article 9: Right of access and of correction

In accordance with the Data-processing law and Freedoms of January 6, 1978, you have a right of access and of correction of the data concerning you. By our intermediary you can be brought to receive proposals for other companies or organizations, or to be also informed of our offers by email, telephone or mail. If you do not wish it, it is enough to contact us (by indicating your name, first name to us, addresses, e-mail):
- By email with lasoie@Aubijoux
- By mail with Aubijoux - 1 Chemin de Fay - BP 23 - 43290 Montfaucon in Velay

Article 10: Responsibility

The articles present in the data bases of Aubijoux were seized according to the information communicated by the manufacturers and suppliers. Aubijoux is not responsible for the contents of the articles and will not be able to see its committed responsibility with regard to the purchaser.

The offered products answer the French and European legislation into force. Aubijoux declines any responsibility if the delivered article does not respect the legislation of the country of delivery (censures, prohibition of a title or an author…).

Aubijoux is released from any responsibility in the event of inexecution for the contract in the event of cause beyond control (strike, flood, fire…).

Aubijoux is released from any responsibility as for the contents for the sites on which bonds hypertexts can return starting from its own site.

The photographs illustrating the products do not enter the contractual field. If errors were introduced there, to in no case, the responsibility for Aubijoux could not be committed.

Article 11: Applicable duty

This contract is subjected to the French right. The possible litigations concerning the tradesmen will be allotted to the jurisdiction ratione loci of the Commercial court of Puy in Velay.

Article 12: Acceptance of the purchaser

The present general conditions of sale as well as the tariffs are expressly approved and accepted by the Purchaser, who declares and admits having a perfect knowledge of it and so gives up prevailing himself of any contradictory document and, in particular, his own general conditions of purchase, the act involving acceptance of these general conditions of sale.

The present conditions can constantly without notice.

Created Monday 05 July 2010