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Silk Painting Contest 2017

Last update 19 May 2017by RABERIN Jean-philippe.

Topics of the Silk Painting Contest 2017


Subject "The Textile Accessories of mode"

Make a scarf with with fashion accessories (hats, scarfs, belts, straps, gloves, umbrellas, socks, etc.)

This contest is open to all

Scarves must always be made as portable elements offering multiple combinations of bends.

Silk painting techniques and paint style are free, but must keep the silk visible and soft (avoid if possible acrylic paints)
Dimensions: 90 cm x 90 cm
Scarves must be fixed (can Aubijoux fixing by € 2.70 TTC and € 3.35 as tax for pre-rolled)
Hand rolled or buzzed (Aubijoux can do bourdonnage € 3.90 TTC)


Subjet "The African Fauna and/or the African Flora..."

Choosen by the users: see the results of our Facebook poll

Make up a picture representing the African Fauna and/or the African Flora.

Contest participation

This contest is open to all

Doors must be shown in a painting table on silk.
Type of silk is free Silk painting techniques and paint style are free
Dimensions 50 cm X 70 cm (+ 5 cm on all 4 sides of the table for exhibition)
Tables should be set (Aubijoux can do the fixing by 2.00 Euros TTC)


20 € for 1 item, 10 € for the second one.

You can register by using our registration form or register online, as individual or as team.

Check made ​​payable to "Montfaucon en Soie".


The work carried out on this theme must be an original creation and have never participated in any other contest. (If you inspire you of any other work show that you have changed)

  1. All painting techniques are allowed. (The silk must be visible) 
  2. Dimensions Respect is important. 
  3. The artwork must be original: copies will exclude 
    If you inspire you of any other work show that you have changed, say us the name of the author and send us a photo
  4. The artwork must not be framed or signed (if include any of these it will exclude) 
  5. The artworks receiving deadline must not be later than May 10, 2017. 
  6. The number of artworks of the competition is limited by 100 and the allowed number of artworks is 3 artworks per person in total, but only one work per category and candidate will be rewarded. 
  7. The jury will be composed of independent artists. 
  8. The artworks will be exhibited during the Festival from  24 to 27 May 2017 in the village hall of Montfaucon. 
    Responsibility of artworks protection is on artist who can do, if he/she wishes to provide. The organizers have no responsibility for any loss, theft or damage of entrusted artworks. Registration in competition in condition of acceptance of full rules and choices by jury and the decision of the Jury is non-negotiable. 
  9. Sponsors define their price as well as the prizes offered. 
  10. The works will be returned to their authors after the awards ceremony. Unclaimed works will be back to their owners at their own expense and risk. All applicants will receive on this occasion the results of competition.


  • The award Aubijoux : 1 gift card 300 Euros, 1 of 120 Euros, 2 of 50 Euros et 2 of 30 Euros for "Scarves Competition"
  • The award of the association Montfaucon en Soie: 1 gift card 300 Euros, 1 of 120 Euros, 2 of 50 Euros et 2 of 30 Eurosfor "Tables Competition".
  • The awards of companies (H. Dupont), Ateliers Créatifs (Knazieff), Marabu, Manet, and with the participation and assistance of the town of Montfaucon

AWARDS Ceremony

The award ceremony will take place Saturday, May 27th 2017 à 6:00 p.m. in AuBijoux La Soie office.

Following this, a reception open to all will be served.
It will be followed for those who wish, a closing dinner in a friendly atmosphere.

Hope to see everyone participate again.

See you soon !