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Christian Sicaud - Courses 2016

Christian SICAUD, hyperrealistic artist, working without gutta, nor thickening, will pull you in the discovery of the technique " dry painting " (being similar to the watercolor).

Christian SicaudChristian Sicaud

Theme of the courses

  • Wednesday 4 May 
    Public Free Demonstration 
  • Jeudi 5 May - Initiation into the Dry Painting

    Study of Flowers: work of the texture of flowers and leaves, shadows and lights 
    Accepted beginner.

  • Vendredi 6 May and  Samedi 7 May - Improvement in the Dry Paintting
    Realization of a Still life: work of the texture of jars, wood and varnished bottle.

Price of the courses

70€  for one day - 50% deposit of the total amount payable to "Christian Sicaud"

Courses schedules

All the days (9h à 12h et 14h à 17h)

Created Saturday 05 March 2016