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Daniela Foltynova - Courses 2017

Painter of Czech origin.
After university studies in Czech Republic, she works as stylist designer in Prague and in 1989 she leaves deepening her studies and her artistic experience in Paris where among others, she works for several publishing houses of fabrics.
In 1995, she moves in Antibes (France) and rediscovers the magic of the silk.
His work is split between the silk, the metal and the pedagogy. 
She participates in several exhibitions in France and in Europe. 
She creates a cultural and artistic association "Atelier le Jardin de Soie".
For 10 years, she proposes several cultural projects for every public, where she can make realize monumental rooms and silk patchworks with hundreds of pupils in France and in Czech Republic.
His time is at present split between love of ranges, tomatoes, and bikes. 
His three favorite themes and which she exploits through several techniques for their creation: silk painting, but also acrylic, engraving, collage etc..

Daniela FoltynovaDaniela Foltynova

Theme of the course

  • Wednesday 24th May -  The Magic of Prints, the Engraving, the Impression on Silk

Discover the magic of prints, linocut and print on various silk pieces. 
Preparation of the engraving on a piece of lino with special tools (This technique is accessible by all).
Application on various silk qualities. The results are very surprising, because we also approach the bases of the creation of our composition.
From this moment there we can intend to repeat our motives, to change the color of the silk, to change the color of printing ..
There is always a new image... 
In final, we are going to create, a small scarf of 55 on 55.
Beginners or insiders 

  • Thursday 25th May - Personalized stencils and Mixed Techniques

The purpose of this session is to learn the rules of the composition and to discover new techniques of mixture of traditional painting with the possibility, thanks to stencils, to multiply the motives as well as for other techniques of prints.
Beginners or insiders 

  • Friday 26th May  -  Afternoon - Public Free Demonstration

Realization, with all the public, of  3 meters long silk, drawn, painted and decorated with various tools, in the enjoyment, the good mood and the enthusiasm... 

  • Saturday 27 mai - According to Great Painters and Poets.

In the morning we shall approach the work of Vincent van Gogh. We are going to study the work around Iris and Sunflowers.
We are going to apply to the various painted silk pieces, the compositions according to this painter.
The purpose of this morning is to create, with the technique mixed painting and sticking, small paintings.
Beginners or insiders 

Afternoon we will approach the work around Rose, with effects of vegetable painting mixed in the traditional painting.
Our brushes are going to pass on our touches of colors in the silk. During our session, we will listen to of the poetry and some music on the themes of the magic of flowers and nature.
Each can bring his rose, so we can share our happiness of smelling this flower.
We will also taste the jam of rose, confectioners and making of the South of France.
There will be also, at 4 pm, some tea perfumed in rose petals.
Beginners or insiders 

Prices of courses

70€  for one day - 50% deposit of the total amount payable to "Daniela Foltynova"

Courses schedules

All the days (9h à 12h et 14h à 17h)

Created Friday 02 December 2016