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Courses and Demonstrations of Silk Painting 2017

Daniela FoltynovaDaniela Foltynova - Courses 2017

Painter of Czech origin.After university studies in Czech Republic, she works as stylist designer in Prague and in 1989 she leaves deepening her studies and her artistic experience in Paris where among others, she works for several publishing houses of fabrics.In 1995, she moves in Antibes (France) and rediscovers the magic of the silk.His work is split between the silk, the metal and the pedagogy. She participates in several exhibitions in France and in Europe. She creates a cultural and artistic association "Atelier le Jardin de Soie".For 10 years, she proposes several cultural projects for every public, where she can make realize monumental rooms and silk patchworks with hundreds of pupils in France and in Czech Republic.His time is at present split between love of ranges, tomatoes, and bikes. His three favorite themes and which she exploits through several techniques for their creation: silk painting, but also acrylic, engraving, collage etc..

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Catherine DesreumauxCourses Catherine Desreumaux

On Lyonnaise origin, Catherine Desreumaux practice Silk Painting since 1978. Formed in a workshop of Applied Arts Fine Arts of Lyon, she continued her creative evolution self-taught. She learned the Asian techniques when his career took him to Indonesia. Today she has a workshop expo near Serres (between Sisteron and Gap) and shop in the city of Vauban Briançon. 

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Lydie OttelartLydie Ottelart - Courses 2017

Lydie Ottelart practices in her workshop in PARIS. She allies the watercolor on silk to the small tricks and to the big techniques of the silk painting. An exemplary career in the silk painting allows her to master the various facets of the technique and the art of the silk painting.

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