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Courses Agnès Cornet

Wool in colors

Courses Agnès CornetAgnès Cornet

Agnes Cornet, printmaker, painter and weaver tissue formation, his passion don't date from yesterday, "I knew knitting before reading .." From the raw material wool creates clothing, accessories and objects high deco colors. She takes you into his world in full colors and smooth to guide you in creating and dyeing of clothing accessories. Good humor and friendliness will be allied to his talent.

Website : http://lainesduverasoie.canalblog.com

Theme of the courses (all levels)

  • Introduction to Felting Wool - The fabulous passage of the fiber felt. Felt, natural and ecological material will give you endless possibilities of creation - Make seamless form, wallet, bag, mittens...choise

  • Dyes - approach different techniques dyes ... casserole and microwave - skeins of wool - Shibori - Making a scarf or a square

  • «Nuno» Felted Wool on Silk - Felt flat - embedded in a tissue (making the Inititiation in Felting is better) Making a scarf, mittens ... choice - Possibly on dyed silk dyeing workshop.

Workshop prices

70€ for one day - 50% deposit of the total amount payable to "Chambon en Soie"

You can also pay online with a debit card.

Workshop schedules

All the days ( from 9 to 12 am and from 2 to 5pm )

  • Thursday 29th May Introduction to Felting Wool - Make seamless form, wallet, bag, mittens...choise

  • Friday 30th May Dyes - Making a scarf or a square

  • Saturday 31th May «Nuno» Felted Wool on Silk - Making a scarf, mittens ... choice
Created Thursday 17 January 2013