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Courses Catherine Desreumaux

Catherine Desreumaux

Catherine DesreumauxCatherine Desreumaux

On Lyonnaise origin, Catherine Desreumaux practice Silk Painting since 1978. Formed in a workshop of Applied Arts Fine Arts of Lyon, she continued her creative evolution self-taught. She learned the Asian techniques when his career took him to Indonesia. Today she has a workshop expo near Serres (between Sisteron and Gap) and shop in the city of Vauban Briançon.
Important: Catherine always emphasizes pedagogy and usability in their learning. "Progress is better with a smile," she says!

Website : http://www.latelierdart.fr/

Catherine speaks english

Theme of the course (All levels)

  • Ink, the Art of Sumi-e or painting as a Chinese calligrapher, with an ancient oriental technique. Create a wall panel.
  • Deco-Reco, Create a square, learning to choose a brush, working at dropper, spray or sponge to make stamps with flowers, vegetables or other materials ...
  • The aquarelle, Make a background with areas of light and shadow, the background process to antifusant or gasoline, prepare a chart of pastel shades, work on wet or dry background, overlay colors to find the own aquarelle (transparency, brightness and sensitivity).

Workshop prices

70€ for one day - 50% deposit of the total amount payable to "Catherine Desreumaux"

You can also pay online with a debit card.

Workshop schedules

All the days ( from 9 to 12 am and from 2 to 5pm )

  • Thursday 29th May Encre de Chine, l’Art du Sumi-e, Create a wall panel.
  • Friday 30th May Deco-Reco, Create a square 90x90cm

  • Saturday 31th May Aquarelle
Created Thursday 17 January 2013
Encre de ChineEncre de Chine
Deco -RecoDeco -Reco
Deco -RecoDeco -Reco
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