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Courses Catherine Desreumaux 2017

On Lyonnaise origin, Catherine Desreumaux practice Silk Painting since 1978. Formed in a workshop of Applied Arts Fine Arts of Lyon, she continued her creative evolution self-taught. She learned the Asian techniques when his career took him to Indonesia. Today she has a workshop expo near Serres (between Sisteron and Gap) and shop in the city of Vauban Briançon. 

Important: Catherine always emphasizes pedagogy and usability in their learning. "Progress is better with a smile," she says!

Theme of the course

  • Wednesday 24 May

    Ink level 1 - Beginners or insiders 

    Paint in the India ink according to the Japanese and Chinese tradition (Know how to prepare its bottom, give of the volume and shadows.
    To prepare the ink to work on the concentrated ink, masters of the brushing and the estompage. 
    Creation of a picture in the Asian way.

    Ink level 2 - Insiders 

    Calligraphy on silk - creation of an alphabet primer on aquarellé bottom.
    Preparation of the bottom to welcome the melted calligraphy, the shadows and the lights.
    Learn to transpose the art of the calligrapher into the silk painting to personalize your creations (exercises with first names), composition, find the focal point, give of the depth and the movement.
    Creation of a picture.

  • Thursday 25 May - Public free demonstration

  • Friday  26 May

    Aquarellable Pastels  all levels

    To discover where to go farther with pastels, halfway between the watercolor and the direct paint.
    A very supple technique, authorizing repentirs and producing spectacular results, to try absolutely!
    Creation of a picture.

  • Saturday 27 May

    Colored Guttas and all differents techniques   all levels

    Creation of a picture by means of various techniques:
    Preparation of guttas colored with new ink
    Work of the gradation
    Preparation of the ink.
    Composition of the positive-negative effect
    Discoloration and to learn the art to adapt its techniques to the sought effect.

Price of course

70€  for one day - 50% deposit of the total amount payable to "Catherine Desreumaux"

Courses schedules

All the days (9h à 12h et 14h à 17h)

Catherine "speak english" - Website : http://www.latelierdart.fr/

Created Thursday 07 December 2017
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Courses Catherine Desreumaux 2017
Courses Catherine Desreumaux 2017
Courses Catherine Desreumaux 2017
Courses Catherine Desreumaux 2017