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Marie-Reine Portailler - Courses 2018

Marie-Reine Portailler, Fascinated by the color since the childhood, looked for a long time for the nuances which would know how to suggest the sphere of influence of one fields of green wheat dotted with cornflowers.

After years of dye, with plants or with pigments of synthesis, for the realization of its silk or woolen tapestries, the interrogation perms between the color and the surface in its pictorial research; naturally she came there to work the color in connection with the space and the light in architecture, color / shape and the subject in the industry.

After more than 15 years of constant collaboration with the project directors in industry, the architects, the clients allowed him to develop this sensitive and rich link between color pleasure/seduction and quality of life.


When we choose an image, a photo, a drawing, which we wish to reproduce in silk painting, the question of the interpretation of this image, because of the change of support, settles immediately.
This course suggests you working on this subject and on the development of a personal graphics which will become your signature because, our sensibilities being different, we interpret each in our way the same image.

 Theme of course

  • Wednesday 9 may - Friday 11 may and Saturday 12 may

All levels
  • the line of gutta
  • the games of water and ink
  • the management and the integration of the unforeseen (the error or the "fault")


The day of course will take place at 2 times

Morning :

  • the sensitive line
    discovery on paper of the expression of a line(feature) in the pencil, in the brush

  • liberation of the hand and the wrist
    exercises of discovery, change of scale, search for various effects

  • graphic
    interpretation of the same image by all the trainees

  • interpretation of an image of it choice
    discussion on the parties to take simplification, repetition etc.



  • preparation for the motive on silk or wool
    drawing from the realized work the morning
  • realization and management of the unforeseen


Price of the courses

70€  for one day - 50% deposit of the total amount payable to "Marie-Reine Portailler"

Courses schedules

All the days (9h à 12h et 14h à 17h)

Marie-Reine  "speak english"

Created Friday 08 December 2017
 Liste matériel pour le stage Marie-Reine Portailler 2018

Liste matériel pour le stage Marie-Reine Portailler 2018

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