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Catherine Desreumaux - Courses 2019

On Lyonnaise origin, Catherine Desreumaux practice Silk Painting since 1978. Formed in a workshop of Applied Arts Fine Arts of Lyon, she continued her creative evolution self-taught. She learned the Asian techniques when his career took him to Indonesia. Today she has a workshop expo near Serres (between Sisteron and Gap) and shop in the city of Vauban Briançon. 

Catherine DesreumauxCatherine Desreumaux

Theme of the Courses

  • Tuesday 28 May - The DECO-RECO

    Discovery of the technique of discolouration recolouration and specific products that are well used to give surprising effects; one more string to put to the bow of your creativity 

    Beginner level: the first tests and the realization of a scarf

    Insider level : creation of a painting by superimposing effects 

  • Wednesday 29 May - Free Demonstration
    From 9h30 to 12h and from 14h30 to 17h

  • Thursday 28 May - WATERCOLOUR PASTELS

    For beginners and initiated : discover and go further with pastels, this technique halfway between watercolour and direct painting.
    A very flexible technique whatever your level, with spectacular results and allowing repentance and mistakes.
    To try absolutely!!!!
  • Friday 31 May - CHINA INK - Black and color

  • Beginner level: painting according to Asian tradition on a watercolour background, work of light, rendering of volumes, preparation of inks, mastery of the fine line, of the stump. 
    Insider level : to go further with coloured inks, create reserves, work finely on a watercolour background, use the brilliance and reflections offered by the inks, try a larger format.

Price of the courses

70€  for one day - 50% deposit of the total amount payable to "Catherine Desreumaux"

Schedules of the courses

All the Days From 9h to 12h and from 14h to 17h

Catherine "speak english"

Important: Catherine always emphasizes pedagogy and usability in their learning. "Progress is better with a smile," she says!

Created Thursday 10 January 2019
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