2021 Silk Painting Competition


Place and date of exhibition of the works

On our website from May 25 to 28, 2021.


Theme chosen by internet users: "Along the water"

Paint a scarf with "Along the water" patterns as the main elements of the design.
The quality of the creation, the originality and the artistic sense will be very important !!!

Contest rules

  • This contest is open to everyone.
  • The scarves must imperatively be composed as portable elements offering multiple combinations of folds.
  • The choice of silk type is open, so as the painting techniques and paint type but the silk must remain visible and flexible.
  • Dimensions 90cm x 90cm.
  • Scarves that do not meet these criteria will be eliminated.
  • The scarves must be fixed (Aubijoux can make the fixing for 3.50 € including tax)
  • The hem must be hand or machine rolled (Aubijoux can do the rolled hem for 5.50 € tax incl.)


Theme chosen by internet users: "Tales and legends from all countries"

Compose a painting having as main theme "Tales and legends from all countries"
The quality of the creation, the originality and the artistic sense will be very important !!!

Contest Rules

  • This contest is open to everyone.
  • You are free to chose the type of silk fabric; Painting techniques and paint type you wish to use but the silk must remain visible (avoid, if possible acrylic paints).
  • Dimensions 50cm X 70cm (+ a 5cm margin on all 4 sides of the painting for the exhibition - Or 60cm X 80cm)
  • The paintings must be fixed (Aubijoux can fix for 3.50 € TTC)


You can register here

The registration fees are 20 € for 1 the first artwork and 10 € for each next artwork.

Don't forget to order rolled hems (5.50 € TTC/piece) or steaming (3.50 € TTC/piece) .


You can attach to the artwork an explanations, in computer form (text, photos), concerning your sources of inspiration and on the work done.

The work produced for this contest must imperatively be an original creation and never have participated in any other competition. If you are inspired by another work, show us how you have transformed it.

  1. All painting techniques on silk are accepted. (The silk must remain visible)
  2. Respecting the dimensions is important.
  3. The painting must be an original: copies will be eliminated .
    If you were inspired by an existing work, transform it and give us the name of the author and send us a photo of the original.
  4. The paintings must not be signed (it is eliminatory).
  5. The paintings must reach us no later than MAY 9, 2021, deadline for receipt .
  6. The number of registrations is not limited per candidate, but only 1 work per contest and per classification (jury or public) can be rewarded.
  7. The jury will be independent and composed of recognized artists.
  8. The paintings will be exhibited from 25 to 28 May 2021.
    The responsibility for the artwork remains with the artist who can, if he wishes, insure them. The organizers decline all responsibility in the event of loss, theft or damage to the entrusted paintings. Registration for the contest implies full acceptance of the rules as well as the jury's choices which are final.
  9. The sponsors will define their prices as well as the prizes offered.
  10. The paintings will be handed over to their authors at the end of the festival. The paintings will be returned to their owner using Mondial Relay Shipping method (in a relay point near their home - for an amount of 5.10 €), at the risk and peril of the author of the painting. The person wishing to receive his (her) work (s) at home will have to pay the additional sum of 4.50 € to compensate for the costs generated by the post. For more information, contact us by phone (France: - Belgium: or e-mail (lasoie@aubijoux.com).
  11. The results of the competition will be published on the site www.aubijouxlasoie.com - By registering for the contest, you agree that your work will be published on the site and that your name will be mentioned.

The competition will be endowed with numerous prizes (gift vouchers, free accessories, etc.).

We hope to see many of you participating.

See you soon !

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