The guttas are used to outline areas on your silk.

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The seams help you keep the colors in specific areas. Based on water or petrol, their application is done in the same way:

  • using screw pen
  • A gutta bottle
  • or directly with a tube

Difference between water and petrol gutta

With water gutta, you must dry it (fix it) before painting your creation. It should be fixed with heat, iron or hair dryer. The water gutta is indelible after drying and is part of your final achievements.

With petrol gutta you can paint directly after applying it. It dries quickly. It is not an integral part of your achievement. You can remove it once your creation is finished (using essence F provided for this purpose). The petrol gutta is of extraordinary suppleness and finesse.

Do you need more information concerning guttas? Our team is at your disposal by email or by phone.

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