Painting Auxiliaries

Painting aids are water or petrol based products.

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Painting aids

  • Prepared thinner: ready to use - alcohol-based - promotes the diffusion of color on silk and the salt effect
  • Concentrated thinner: prepare before use - glycol-based dispersing product - delays drying - used to reduce color intensity and allows color to be distributed evenly over silk - clean backgrounds, without halo
  • Thickener: ready to use, to mix with your colors - pasty consistency - also called "printing paste" for the Déco-Reco technique
  • 1HO anti-fuse: ready to use - water-based - stiffens the silk after fixing
  • 2M anti-fuse: ready to use - petrol-based - does not affect the flexibility or shine of the silk
  • Essence F: ready to use - to dilute petrol-based seams that have thickened
  • Industrial alcohol (95 °): ready to use - mix with silk colors to soften and dilute them - degreaser
  • Silkwash: ready to use - for rinsing painted silk (after steaming) - prevents the color from bleeding
  • Devouring + reactive: to be mixed - selectively destroys plant fibers and viscose - leaves polyester and animal fibers intact
  • Wax powder: melt before application - prevents the color from settling on the areas it covers - to be used with silk colors
  • Liquid wax: ready to use - liquid cold wax (no need to heat) - prevents the color from fixing on the areas it covers - to be used with silk colors
  • Surfix: ready to use - strengthens the color of silk and wool after fixing
  • Vinegar for dyeing: to be used in dyeing or double dyeing with silk colors

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