VIDEO - Painting on silk / Pre-printed Gutta Outlines

What is a pre-set silk?

A pre-set silk is a ponge 9 silk (except the cushions which are ponge 10). The hems are machined rolled and the design outlines are pre-drawn on the white silk fabric with gutta which precisely delimits the edges of the design.

Thus, your color will not overflow on another. They are ready for use. Just paint them with the silk colors of your choice.

How to do a gradient?

There are several ways to create gradients. You can paint first a light solid color, then come back with a darker color on top of it. Then do not hesitate to paint again with the lighter color to diffuse the color.

Another way to create gradients is to start with the darker color and then to return by small touch with a lighter color. This will give depth and intensity to your creation. The black gutta contours will prevent the color from spreading everywhere.

Be careful not to stain your silk with drops of paint, because the color spreads quickly and it is difficult to catch up!

Patience and thoroughness will be your best allies!

Discover all our models here.

We offer different models:

     90x90cm silk squares
     short 145x43 cm scarves
     long 180 x 43 cm scarves
     40x40 cm cushion covers.

In our video, we used H Dupont Classic steamable colors.

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