VIDEO - Tutorial : How to make a lampshade?

Items needed to create a silk lampshade:

- Ponge 9 or 10 by the meter

- a lampshade frame

- scissors

- polyphane (Flexible plastic sheet with or without an adhesive side)

- sticky tape

- heat-fixed silk paint such as arasilk or marabu silk

- Water-based gutta in a tube

How to make a lampshade?

The lampshade assembly is quite technical, but with a little patience and by following these instructions, it is not so complicated.

  • Measure the length and width of your polyphane for this, measure the perimeter of your carcass. Then measure the hight.
  • Cut a piece of polyphane with these measurements, then cut a similar piece from silk, counting a margin of 1cm on each side for the contours.

  • Fix your silk on a notched frame with 3-point push pins.

  • Draw the pattern of your choice and then paint your silk with arasilk paint.

  • Once dry, iron your silk 5 min so that the color sets on the silk.
  • Glue your silk onto the polyphane. To do this, remove the protective film little by little and carefully apply the silk, taking care not to have wrinkles.

  • Now that your polyphane is ready, you will be able to stick it on to your carcass. To do this, glue with the adhesive tape a width of your rectangle of polyphane, then, wrap the end around the metal carcass.

  • Glue the 2 lengths and roll up your carcass.

    • Create a clean edge over the width by gluing the edge and folding the fabric over the glue. Then glue the edge with the opposite edge.

      • Fold down the protruding silk, engulfing the metal structure to achieve a beautiful finish on your lampshade. To avoid small "waves", you can also scallop your fabric before folding it down.

      • Congratulations, you've made a great personalized lampshade!

The video tutorial is here:

Need more information on the manufacture of lampshades?

Our team is at your disposal by email or by phone.

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