VIDEO - Dyeing Silk with a microwave

How to make a scarf in 15 minutes with a microwave oven?

Some advice before you start:
  • Preferably choose a light silk: Pongé 5 or 7 Mousseline or Crêpe Georgette.
  • Use H-Dupont Classic steaming paints (2 or 3 colors of paint per scarf).
  • Wear gloves to avoid stains on your hands.
  • Once finished, you can personalize your creations with heat-fixed colors or water guttas.
Step 1:
  • Fold the Silk several times in succession until you get a square or rectangle.
  • Then, according to your imagination, tie the silk with rubber bands or strings to create reserves.
  • Let your creative spirit speak and not rule out any solution or object ...
  • WARNING : do not use metallic objects!

Step 2:
  • Wet the silk to facilitate the diffusion of the colors, wring it out and put it on a plate
  • With a dropper, inject the steamable colors into the silk according to the color harmonies that inspire you.
  • Emphasize the knots and folds.
  • Dark colors tend to cover light colors so use them sparingly

Step 3:
  • With the silk still wet, place the plate in the microwave with a glass 3/4 full of water.
  • Heat at 800W for 3 minutes.
  • The colors are fixed

Step 4:
  • Unfold your silk and remove the knots to discover your scarf.
  • The result is always dazzling.

(You can also start again with the same scarf and darker colors, if it does not suit you)

Step 5:
  • Your scarf has excess colors that must be removed before wearing it - For this 2 solutions:
    1- Scarf still tied, immerse it in a bath of cold water.
    2 - Unfolded scarf, immerse it in a  bath of cold water with Lavnet soap.
  • In both cases you then must rinse under cold water until clear water is obtained, then wring out and iron the silk while still damp.

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